Thursday 24 October 2013


I've always thought prepositions are brain teasers. You never know if you're using the correct one. Even for advanced learners it's always a difficult issue, since for one of our Spanish prepositions, there are usually more than one possibility in English. What can we do then?? The best option, in my opinion, is to read a lot. Reading is the only natural way we have to get to know which prepositions are used in any given expression. The problem comes when we find out that our students are not exactly eager readers of literature in English. Let's face it, even though they are surrounded and constantly in contact with English, it's not enough.

Our 4th ESO students have just seen in class a list of some common adjectives and the prepositions which usually follow them. For those of you who weren't in class today, here is a list of the adjectives + prepositions we will be working with.  

Here are some examples of the use of adjectives + prepositions:

"I'm tired of bad news"

He's bored of watching TV. 

He's worried about the bill.

They were shocked at his strength. 

They are different from the others.

For more practise on adjectives + prepositions you can visit the following sites:



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