Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas songs

These are some of the songs which our students are going to sing next Friday.

Monday 1 December 2014

Lost in the jungle

Watch and listen to Ray giving advice about camping in the jungle. Complete the missing information in the sentences below.

  1. Ray says he has walked ______km today.
  2. Ray is setting up camp at _____ before it goes dark.
  3. A hammock keeps Ray off the ground and away from ________ and _________.
  4. The most important piece of equipment is a ____________so that you don’t get malaria.
  5. Ray has had malaria ____________.
  6. Wood in the rainforest is often _________.
  7. Ray enjoys the sound of the Howler ____________.
  8. The lady twisted her _____________.
  9. It took _____ weeks to find her.