Wednesday 21 November 2012

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Yesterday, 20th November,  the Universal Children's Day was celebrated all around the world. It was on that same day in 1989 that the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention and opened it for signature. It was ratified by the required number of members. However, it is nonetheless remarkable that nowadays countries such as Somalia, South Sudan and the United States of American haven't ratified it yet. President Obama has described the failure to ratify the Convention as "embarrasing" and has promised to review this. 

Next week, students from 1st to 4th of ESO will be working on the Universal Children's Day and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child from the subjects of Music, English and Social Studies. We'll let you know what the activities will involve, meanwhile you can have a look at the document below for a full insight of the Declaration.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Monday 5 November 2012

The Benefits of Bilingualism

In this interesting article from the New York Times entitled "Why Bilinguals are Smarter", Yudhijit Bhattacharjeea, who is a staff writer at Science, discusses the multifaceted benefits of speaking two languages. From early childhood to later years in life, there is growing evidence that language has a powerful and deep impact on learning and cognitive skills development.

Being able to speak more than one language has obvious benefits in today's globalised world. For work, studies and travel it is useful to have knowledge of different language and cultures.

In the past, it was believed that bilinguals tended to show signs of ‘language interference' and that this, in turn, was detrimental to learning and development. However, research has now shown that this ‘interference' is actually beneficial to learning and, according to recent studies which are stated in the article,: "Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter."

Nina Lauder - Oxford Magazine

Click on this link to read the full article: The New York Times Article

Thursday 18 October 2012

Interesting movie

Remember the text we read in class about the Berlin Wall?? 
Well, here's the trailer of "Goodbye Lenin" a wonderful film set at that time and place.
Hope some of you are interested in watching it after this...

Thursday 27 September 2012

Patricia's experience at a summer language camp

Last but not least, Patricia Moreiras is also eager to tell us about her amazing experience.
Here it is:

Last summer, I was in an English camp with my classmates Alba and Sira. It was in Meixoeiro, Vigo. The facilities were very good because the rest of the year this site is an adult school.
My experience was very well, because you met a lot of new people and the instructors were native from Canada, England and Poland. 
The first day we mad a test to know our English level. There were many groups: England, USA, Wales, Ireland, Canada and Scotland. I was in Ireland, Alba in the USA and Sira in Wales, so we only saw each other at breaks and in the free time.
In the mornings, the first week I had activities and classes in the afternoons. The mornings were with Marlena, Julia and Benji. I forgot Marvin, he was our PE teacher. He was from Canada. He loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Some days he played his music on the radio at 9.15 to wake us up. He was very special (for me he was the best monitor).
In the afternoons, we had two and a half hours of classes but with a break of half an hour. The teachers were: Andy, he was from Scotland, James from England, Martina who was from Poland as Sanja, and Sam who was from England. 
Some days we went to Santiago and we saw the "Ciudad de la Cultura"; we also went to Vigo, Pontevedra and to the beach of Samil. And to the "Islas Cíes" too!
Every night we had activities with the instructors. There were sports, films, a terror night, two parties...
The last day all people were crying, me too.
I recommed it to everybody because it is great. You can learn English, meet friends and you visit a lot of places.

Thanks a lot Patricia!!

Alba's experience at a summer language camp

Dear students,

Today it's Alba Lorenzo who wants to share with us her memoir of last July English camp.

On 1st July, I went to an English camp in Vigo. I went with Patricia and Sira because I didn't want to go alone. It was at a hall of residence and it had very good facilities.

The first day, we had a level exam and I was in Level 2. Each group had one name, for example Wales, USA, Canada, Ireland... I was in the USA. After this, as it was the first day, we went to a beach and we sunbathed.
During these weeks, in the mornings we had class, but it was funny because we played games and sometimes we used one book. In the afternoons, we had many and different activities with other teachers, for example, we did a "Mandala", we played basketball, American football, we made personality T-shirts, masks...It was the best part of the day.
Every night, we had funny activities, for example a Hawaii party, balloon games, terror night, many films, etc.
The teachers were from Canada, the USA and Britain and their names were Marvin, James, Benji, Marlena and Sam. 
Every day was incredible, but in the last day, people cried (me too) because you wouldn't see these people again and the same with the teachers.
I recommend to go to the camps, because it's a fantastic experience, and you meet a lot of people.
Next year, I will definitely return. :)

Thank you very much Alba!!!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Sira's experience at a summer language camp

Last summer, three of our students, Alba Lorenzo, Patricia Moreiras and Sira Prieto, were selected to take part in one of the summer language camp that Xunta de Galicia organizes every year. They really enjoyed the experience and I asked them to write a small composition explaining how they lived it. 
Here's Sira's account of those days:

Last summer I went to an English Camp with Alba and Patri, two friends. 
My experience was great and very funny! The best was to meet a log of people and to learn English with Canadian and British teachers.We were in a University School in Vigo for twelve days. 
Our daily routine was: in the mornings we had English class. We had a book to do exercises and we wrote our diary each day. Also we spoke with the teachers, who were young, very friendly and funny.
In the afternoons, we did sports, crafts and theater classes. We played American football, basket, volleyball and we ran with obstacles in the forest. Some crafts we made were dreamcatchers, masks and flags. 
In the theater class we practised dancing, talking and we did juggling!!
At nights, we had a lot of activities: the talent show, the Hawaian party, the final party, many games and shows, the horror night...and we saw films too.
In the talent show and Hawaian party, I danced with some friends and i got the jitters because, in front of me, there were all the camp participants. 
Some days, we had excursions. We went to Cíes Islands, Pontevedra, Santiago and Vigo. 
The last day we cried so we promised to go back to this camp next summer.

Thank you Sira for sharing your experience!!!

Monday 17 September 2012

Welcome back!!

After two month holiday we're back to work so WELCOME to school!!!

I hope that you have enjoyed summer and I also hope that you are full of energy for this new academic year. Remember the values we're going to work during the year:


And also remember our new motto: Solidarity Opens Frontiers

We're going to try to work on these issues from the subject of English and I expect everybody to get engaged and to work to fulfill our goals. 

Do you feel up to getting ready? Come on!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 17 June 2012

Welcome to....MEET A CELEBRITY!!

Last Thursday, students from 3rd ESO took part in a theatre play called "Meet a Celebrity!"
Here are some pictures of our wonderful actors and actresses taken after the rehearsals. Some of them even came characterized for the occasion!
Good job everybody!! 

Johnny, Diego, Marta Taín, Sira and Pablo from 3rd ESO B

Andrea, Sara, Javier, José Manuel and Marta Vázquez from 3rd ESO B

Elia, Alba, Javier, José Manuel and Patricia from 3rd ESO B

David Pérez, Eduardo, David Feijoo, Paula and Perla from 3rd ESO B

Alexandre, Angie, Sara Barreiro, Alba and Victoria from 3rd ESO A

Adrián, Ana, Sandra, Constantina and Sabela from 3rd ESO A

Cristopher, María, Miguel, Itziar and Victoria from 3rd ESO A

Laura Álvarez, Sara Fernández, Sara Barreiro, Laura Castro and Rubén from 3rd ESO A

Monday 14 May 2012

Formal letters

Here are two wonderful examples of the type of formal letters we've learnt to write in class. Perfect layout, brilliant use of grammar and structures...Congratulations guys!!

Sunday 13 May 2012

Biographies of Stars (writings by 3rd ESO students)

by Angie Blanco Osorio 3rd ESO A

She was born in Saint Michel, Barbados on 20th February 1988. When she was 16 she signed a contract with Rogers and Syndicated Rhythm Productions, who asined her a lawyer and a manager. In 2005, she released her first album "Music of the Sun". In 2006 she released her second album called "A Girl Like Me".
Her work has won a lot of prizes like five American Music Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards and 6 Grammy Awards. She is the singer who more digital copies sold in the USA history. She has become one of the most famous singers in the world. 
In 2010 she released a new hit called "Love the way you lie" featuring Eminem. She sold 30 million albums and 100 million singles in the world. 
She is also a model, actress and cultural ambassador. 

Olly Murs
by Marta Vázquez Lorenzo 3rd ESO B

He was born in Essex in 1984. Olly has got a brother, Ben Murs, and a sister, Fay Murs. he grew and studied at Notley High School. Murs showed little interest in singing while at school. He liked football and played for the school team and later semi-professionally for the local non-league team "Witham Town". After graduating he worked as an energy advisor in a call center and he played in Soccer Aid of charity, early in 2010. 
In 2007, he appeared on "Deal or no Deal", wher he won only 10 pounds but it was his interpretation of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" on the series "X Factor" where he really showed his talents. He sang songs by The Beatles, Queen and George Michael and soon became the favourite to win the show. He reached the end of the program but finally he lost to Joe McElderry.
In 2010 he signed a record deal with "Epic" and "Syco Music" and embarked on the sold out "XFactor Arena Tour". 
Murs released his first single "Please, don't let me go" in August, which reached number one on the UK Single Charts. He released other singles like "You are not alone", "Thinking of me" or "Heart skips a beat" which became his thrid number one hit. 
Murs' second single was "In case you didn't know" and "Dance with me tonight" which became his fourth to reach number one in 2011. Murs released his self debut  album "Olly Murs" in November 2010. The album entered the UK albums chart with the biggest week sales in 2010. The album solc over 600,000 copies and was certified as double platinum by the BPI. On 28th October 2011, Olly was the first artist to be confirmed to play at Capital FM's Jinglebell Ball 2011. His new single was called "Oh, my goodness" and it is in his second album "In case you didn't know". It has been announced that Olly has been nominated for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards for UK Favourit Male Artist. 
He also appeared in "Comic Relief Red Nose Day" campaign and spent five days in the Kaisut desert; or in a celebrity version of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" where he won 10,000 pounds for charity. He appeared in a lot of other programmes of radio and TV. 
I like Olly Murs. His songs are very different and very catchy! :)

Thursday 22 March 2012

The Agony Aunt II

Dear little parrots,
Our Agony Aunt is exhausted and she has just received a bunch of new letters asking for advice. Can you help her??

Letter 11

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a big problem. I don't know what to do with my future. I don't know what job I want. I have many possibilities, like being an architect, a cashier, a chef, a lawyer, a firefighter...I prefer to be a firefighter because I like fire and I like to help people. 
I am not sure because it's more dangerous than other jobs. What do you prefer for me? I like fire, creativity, history...So please, Agony Aunt, decide for me.
I want a job in two weeks or more. I need you please, help me. 
I hope to have news from you and I hope you read this letter.
PS: I want a tattoo but I am not sure if I should get it.

Letter 12

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a problem. I have a very big family but I feel alone. When I spend time with them, they can't stand me. When I talk with them and try to have a conversation they laugh at me. I can't tell  my problems to  my family because they never help me. When I feel bad because I've had a hard day I don't ask them for help because I prefer to be alone and cry before telling about my problems with them. I can't usually overlook this situation because I'm very sensitive. 
Can you help me, please?
Best wishes,

Letter 13

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I live with six people in my house and it's insanity. I can't stand the shouts and punishments and many other problems. 
When I have a bad day I usually pass unnoticed and I feel very alone. The economic problems don't help us and they inflict so much pain on my family. When we are in a family meal I feel separated. I don't know that can do to integrate myself. Can you help me please?
Hope to get news from you soon.


Letter 14

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a big problem: my teacher hates me. When we are in class, my teacher shouts at me without any reason. I am a very quiet, peaceful and funny person but my teacher sees me as an ogre. 
We have arguments everyday whitout reason but I think she has an obsession with me. Therefore, I think she hates me, and there are enough reasons for that. Sometimes I speak and shout but I am a good person.
I hope that you read this letter as soon as possible and give me a solution, because my teacher and I will end in bad terms.


Letter 15

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a big problem. All started two years ago when I met a boy, Charles. 
He isn't very handsome but he is funny. We started to talk and meet in the evenings. We fell in love but everything was very difficult. We split up in summer.He wanted to make un but I didn't want it. 
Now I'm knowing a boy. His name is Jacob. He's very good with me, he is the best. Charles is a very bad person because he tries that Jacob and I split up.
I'm going to get crazy because I want to go out with Jacob and forget Charles. I need your help!!
Hope to have news from you soon.
PS: I like your space in the web.

Letter 16

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because here, in Mars, we're having global warming, the same that happened on the Earth in the 21st century and the same that has destroyed the planet; here, we're quite worried but I think we have more information about the problem. However, if we don't make decissions quickly we'll all die, so please, I am asking you for advice, what should we do?
Shall we move to another planet or shall we stay here, with the danger of all the problems that would happen?
Hope to have news from you soon.
PS: I've sent you a letter because here, the Internet is collapsed. 

Letter 17

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because today is my birthday and no-one knew it. 
I got up at 7 o'clock, had breakfast and my mum didn't say "Happy Birthday!!". I went to school and, during five hours, nobody congratulated me. 
When I went home, I ate and did my homework and then my brother, who is 7 years old, opened the door of my bedroom and said: "Happy Birthday!!". He gave me a present and a drawing too.
Nobody remembered the date of my birthday, only my brother, and I feel miserable.
Can you give me some advice?
Best wishes,

Letter 18

Dear Agony Aunt,

I don't know what to do with my future because I don't study, I don't do my homework and I'm very crazy.
I'm living a crazy life and I'm not worried about anything. 
I'm very happy with my life but I don't have a future. 
Best wishes.
PS: I think I love you, Agony Aunt.

Letter 19

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I'm new at school. I was born in Ourense and I studied there until I was seven. Then, my father recruited me to the República Dominicana for the WWIII. Then, I started to study in "Isabel de Castilla". 
At the beginning it was very difficult for me to relate with my colleagues because they were very different from me and viceversa. Now, I have some friends but some students hit me and bully me everyday. I hope that you read this letter as soon as possible and answer the letter with a solution.
Hope to have news from you soon.
Best wishes,

Letter 20

Dear Agony Aunt,

I've just learnt that I got a grant to study in a foreign country next year, and I don't know what to do.
I'm a very good student and I always get good marks. I have some very good friends here and I also have my family...and my dog!! I don't want to leave my life but, on the other hand, going to Finland can be a very good opportunity for my future. 
I'm in a mess. Everybody tells me that I should go, without hesitation, but I'm not sure. 
Can you help me please?? I need some advice. 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

The Agony Aunt

Last week we received some letters addressed to our Agony Aunt. She is very busy with exams so she was hoping that some students will help her answer them. Would you be one of her helpers?? All you have to do is reply the letter and give the writer some advice because he/she is needing it badly!!

Letter 1

Dear Agony Aunt,
I'm writing this letter because I have a big problem. I love my best friend, Peter. I met him last year and we became very good friends quite early. I've loved him since November. He treats me very well and he ignores other girls. I'm confused because my friends tell me that he loves me too since the first time he saw me. 
Please, help me!! 
Yours sincerely,

Letter 2 

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am writing to you because I have a big problem. My problem is that my Latin teacher hates me. She is the most tiring person in the world and she hates me because I am a beautiful and wonderful person. I usually pass her exams but I deserve better marks.
Hope to have news from you soon!
PS: I haven't got any problem with the other teachers.

Letter 3

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am writing to you because I have a big problem: I don't know what to do with my future. Next year I'll leave my school and I have to choose a high school but I don't know which to choose. 
My best friend studies at one high school, "O Couto", but I don't like the people and the teachers of this place; to the other high school, "Otero Pedrayo", a lot of my friends will go and it's easier to pass the exams but if I go there I will be separated from my best friend.
Please, help me!

Letter 4

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I don't know how to find true love. I think I'm very shy. She's my best friend but I don't want to tell her anything. I've known her since I was at kindergarten. We're very good friends and her parents have known me for ages. 
What should I do with her? I'm very confused. 
Please, answer soon!
PS: I don't know if I should enter "" because I'm really desperate. 

Letter 5

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a big problem and I need some advice.
Two months ago, a new boy arrived at school. His name is John and he's a great person. He's attentive, sportive, sensible, responsible, friendly and very funny. And he's very handsome too!
We've been close friends since he appeared in my life and I think I'm falling in love with him. But my best friend likes him too and she's a bit obsessed. I don't know what I have to do, whether I have to tell her or not. What do you think? I don't wanna be a bad friend.
I hope that you can help me soon!
PS: I think John likes me too!!

Letter 6

Dear Agony Aunt,

Last week I had a problem with a classmate. She told the teacher that I had insulted her. They almost expelled me. I didn't say sorry to her so I'll be angry forever. 
Best wishes,
PS: They will expel me if I insult her again.

Letter 7

Dear Agony Aunt,

My everyday life is not more interesting than other's but I hope that by telling my problem, someone can answer it. In my classroom, all my friends think that I'm a thief. Maybe I agree but I don't deserve this fame because now I am the victim. In the maths class, when I went to the toilet, my pen disappeared. Somebody has it and I am always the first that people look at when the pens disappear. How can I solve my problem if nobody believes me?

Hope to see you soon,

Letter 8

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because my best friend's boyfriend cheated on her and she is annoyed and very sad, because they are very close. How can I help her? What should I do? They have been together for one year.
Keep in touch.
Yours sincerely,

Letter 9

Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm writing to you because I have a problem at school. Last week my music teacher ordered us to compose the lyrics and the melody of an invented song. My group have already had the lyrics but I don't have enough inspiration to compose the melody and the rhythm. I tried to compose while I was listening to other pieces but I couldn't. I'll tell my best friend to help me.
Best wishes, 
PS: Maybe I'll finish the song on time. 

Letter 10

I'm writing to you to tell you about my problems. Since I was a child, I've never drawn very well. This year, I have a terrible teacher at university. Really, I don't know why I chose this degree so my problem is that, on the one hand, I hate my design teacher and on the other hand, I think she hates me too.
Last weekend, I saw her at a restaurant. She was with her boyfriend, a really ugly boy, so I think when she saw me, she was very embarrased. But surprisingly, she said hello to me and asked me if I wanted to eat with them.
I'm confused because she doesn't usually seem so kind. What should I think about her?
Hope you send me an answer soon.
PS: They've just invited me to her birthday party. What can I do?

Saturday 17 March 2012


Press Week at School

From 12th to 16th March, 3rd ESO students celebrated the Press Week at school working with different international quality papers. Here are some photos taken during the last session.

Thursday 8 March 2012


Como ya vos comentei nas aulas, acaba de saír publicada a convocatoria de axudas para a realización de actividades de formación en linguas extranxeiras da Xunta, para este ano 2012. As axudas son para alumnos desde 6º de Educación Primaria ata Bacharelato. Para a ESO as axudas son para cursos de inglés ou francés de dúas semanas de duración, que se levarán a cabo na CCAA de Galicia.
Déixovos o link onde tedes toda a información relacionada e recordade que podedes consultarme ou pedirme axuda para o que necesitedes. O prazo de solicitude é ata o 7 de Abril de 2012.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Terror Stories Contest

Here is an interesting proposal for students from 9 to 13. You just have to write a terror story and send it before 18th May. The first prize is a 7 day language course camp and the second a batch of books. Go for it!!
Terror Stories Contest  

Sunday 26 February 2012

My imaginary date

With a few weeks of delay due to unspeakable reasons, here are the two compositions chosen from our wonderful 4th ESO students:

My imaginary date
by Uxía Carrera Fernández (4th ESO A)

Two months ago, I met Lil Wayne in a disco. I was dancing and he came to me and said that I was a good dancer. He asked me out and I said "yes" but I thought that I was in a dream because he's my favourite singer.
We went out together a week after that. He picked me up with his car at the door of my house, at five o'clock. First, we went to the ice rink. It was very funny. Lil could skate very well because it wasn't the first time that he did it. I fell a lot of times and he helped me. Both Lik and I enjoyed it. 
After that we wnet to eat at a fast food restaurant. He ate a hamburger and a CocaCola and I ate chips and a drink. I never imagined that situation so I had a great time, well, both Lil and I had a great time.
After that we went to a park and we talked about our lives. He's funnier than I thought. At nine o'clock he took me up to my house. Neither Lil nor I wanted to say goodbye...but I had to go home.
It was a really good date. Lil Wayne gave me his e-mail and we chat a lot of days. I never thought that my favourite singer could become my friend.

My imaginary date
by Leila Paradela Vázquez (4th ESO B)

Two months ago I met Mario Casas in the Gran Vía, a street in Madrid. I bumped into him.
He said: "Are you OK?" and I answered: "Yes, I am". 
At this moment we looked into each other's eyes. I felt very happy because I've liked him for a long time.Then he asked me out and I said "yes, of course!!". 
We went out together seven weeks ago, on a Friday and in Ourense. He picked me up on a motorbike. He was very handsome on that motorbike. I felt like Babi in "A tres metros sobre el cielo". 
We went to a café, where he invited me to have something to eat and drink. We talked for a long time, he told me about his job, his fans, his films...I was surprised. It was fantastic!!
Then, we went to an ice rink and we ice-skated together. He was very strong so I wasn't afraid of falling. He was very funny and interesting. I think both Mario and I liked ice-skating. 
At ten o'clock we went to the Milenio Bridge. It was so beautiful! We could see half Ourense. Ther, we talked about love and about our date. We thought our date was fantastic. At the end of the date, we kissed on the bridge. 
It was a wonderful date. Mario chatted with me a nd we started to go out every weekend. 

Sunday 15 January 2012

Martin Luther King's Day

Today, 15th January, is Martin Luther King's Day. 
He was born 83 years ago in Atlanta (Georgia) in a time where blacks and whites did not enjoy the same rights in the USA. He will be always remembered as one of the main defenders of the Civil Rights Movement and he was the youngest person, the first black and the second American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Here is an article published today in The New York Times regarding his obituary:

Martin Luther King's Article