Wednesday 21 May 2014

How to write a review

Tips to write a good review of a book or film

- Some of you may find it useful to make notes as you read but this only in case you're writing the review immediately after you've read the book or watched the film. 

In our case, you will have to test your memory since you'll have to tell me about a book or a film you read who knows how long ago. 

However, I always recommend you to make notes before starting to write to give the text cohesion and coherence. You can follow the writing guide from your student book.

- Don't give away too much of the story. Write only a brief summary and make sure that it makes sense to a reader who does not know the book/film. Do not refer to specifics and do not try to explain everything. 

- Try not to write a review of a book or film that you haven't liked at all. It's always good to give positive and negative aspects about the story, not only bad. 

- The most important is that you give your opinion about the book or film. 

- Don't forget to mention the title, author and year. If you are talking about a film remember to mention the main actors. 

And remember that writing is the best way to improve your reading skills!!!!

You can read the full article here.

Extra task:

what's the meaning of the following words and expressions?

dog-eared page

pet hate


Write your answers in the comments box below. 

Monday 5 May 2014

Feeling happy

I know some of you are sick and tired of this song but the thing is that I just love it and I get such good vibes whenever I listen to it that I think it's just a great way to start this week. 

And if you want to listen and sing at the same time, here you have a funny version...