Wednesday 20 March 2013

Spring is coming...

Something  is moving inside trees, and you can already smell it...

text and picture by María Puertas

Sunday 17 March 2013

Saint Patrick's Day 2013

It's a little bit of obsession I have with Saint Patrick and I think there are two reasons why. On the one hand, my beloved cousin Patricia, or Patú as I've always called her. This is no place to talk about her but, since she's my favourite cousin, I have to remember her somehow. 
On the other hand, my absolute devotion for Ireland. The first time I went to Ireland I was 20 and I remember it as one of the best periods of my life. My friend Giovanna and I decided to look for a job there and, though our beginning in Killarney was really hard (eating rice almost every day, stealing toilet paper and salt and pepper from cafés...) things eventually got better. If you are thinking about going to Ireland, please, don't miss the opportunity to visit Galway county. Breathtaking landscapes, peace, sheep, horses,!!
The second time was 6 or 7 years ago. This time I spent 5 months or so in Dublin, getting ready for my Proficiency exam. Dublin isn't the most beautiful city in the world but there's something there, some kind of magic that makes you feel at home the very first moment you set foot there. I met such nice people, Nikky from Spain, and my flatmates, Natalia, from Poland, and Nourdine, from France. I also remember a certain guy from Newfoundland, but that's another story.
Well, today is as good as any other day to let your mind fly and let yourself go to that fairy northern country and hope to go back there very soon. 

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Plans for a weekend visit

Some samples of compositions written by 4th ESO students.

Elia Guitián López 
4th ESO B

Hi, Michelle
On Saturday morning we're doing a train tour with my cousin and my sister to go to "Las Charcas". In the afternoon, we'll meet with my friends and we can visit the museum which is in the old part of the city or go to the main square. There's an art gallery exhibiting photos of the city.
On Sunday morning we'll go cycling in "El Paseo de las Ninfas" along the river and reach the river beach "Oira", where we can swim in the public pools. In the afternoon, we'll visit the Cathedral of Ourense and the "Vinos" streets. Then, we can go to the cinema or out for an ice-cream or a smoothie at an ice-cream shop in the "Calle del Paseo". 
Looking forward to seeing you,

Sandra Ferreiro Pérez
4th ESO A

Hi, Nerea!!
I'm just writing because I want to tell you what we are going to do this weekend.
On Saturday morning, we are going to the shopping centre. Then, we are going to eat in the "Agasallo". It's a restaurant where food is delicious. In the afternoon, if it doesn't rain, we'll meet my cousins at the park of "San Lázaro". You will love it because it's the most famous park in Ourense, where a lot of young people meet one another. In the evening, we're going to the cinema.
My parents want to see you, so you will sleep in my house. They have to work at weekends, so we're going to be alone through the day.
On Sunday morning, we're visiting the Cathedral and we're going for a walk in the old town. After lunch, we are going to the Main Square to catch the typical little train of my town. People go to the pools by this little train. These pools are famous for their boiling water.
I'm going to meet you at the airport of Santiago. Text me when you know the flight departure time. 

Friday 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

Today, we're celebrating International Women's Day all around the world so, from here, I'd like to congratulate all those women who are around us working, caring, solving, organising, saving, nurturing, supporting, struggling, believing, safeguarding, giving advice, trusting, accomplishing, aiding, clarifying, coordinating, diagnosing, curing, economizing, empowering, employing, improvising, inspiring, inventing, justifying, optimizing, supplying, training, understanding, fostering, nursing, watching...just being!! Thank you!!