Tuesday 24 March 2015

Actividades de formación en linguas estranxeiras

O pasado martes 17 de marzo saiu publicada na páxina da Consellería de Educación da Xunta de Galicia a convocatoria das actividades de formación en linguas estranxeiras para o ano 2015.

O prazo de solicitude é ata o 16 de abril e están destinadas a alumnos de ESO e Bacharelato. Os requisitos son os seguintes:

- non ter concedida outra axuda para o mesmo fin neste curso
- nota mínima na área de lingua inglesa de Ben ou 6 no curso 2013-2014
- ter superadas todas as áreas ou materias no curso 2013-2014
- ter DNI (excepto menores de 14 anos) ou NIE en vigor

Se queredes máis información, podedes acceder directamente a páxina da Xunta na seguinte ligazón:

Gustaríame animarvos a todos a que participedes nestas actividades. Podedes preguntar a alumnos que xa o fixeron en anos anteriores e mesmo neste blog atoparedes algunhas experiencias de alumnos en pasados anos. 

Por suposto, contade comigo se necesitades que vos aclare ou axude en algo. 

Thursday 19 March 2015

4th ESO Group A: Composition about your plans for a holiday

My plans for the weekend
by Enrique Osorio

This weekend my friend Elvis and I are going to London. We're going to visit the Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. We are going to travel by plane and we're going to sleep in Winchester Hotel.

On Saturday morning we are going to visit the Big Ben and have lunch near it. After lunch, we are going to visit the London Eye and after, we are going to have dinner.

On Sunday morning, we are going to visit the British Museum and Buckingham Palace. After lunch, we are going to the hotel to pack and go to the airport to take the plane to return home.

E-mail to a friend
by Sofía López

Hi Sam,

I'm looking forward to seeing you so I was thinking about going to Madrid on holiday this weekend. What do you think?

I finish school at 2 p.m. and you finish half an hour later, so I can wait for you at your school's door and we can go together. 

I have looked at the train timetable this afternoon and there is a train that goes from our city to Madrid at 4 p.m. so we can have lunch and then pick up our bags and go to take the train. 

Also, there is a hotel in the centre of Madrid and I think it's quite good and cheap. 

On Saturday, I found some cool art galleries that are interesting but in case you don't like art, we can go around the city by ourselves.

On Sunday, we can relax and go to the football stadium and some shops. Then we will catch the train at the same time as Friday. Hope you like my idea. 

See you,


On Holiday!
by Miguel Rosales

This weekend I couldn't do my English homework because I was planning my summer holidays with Martín. We'll go to the Caribbean from 1st to 22nd July.

We are going to travel by plane and the trip will be so long...2 hous! We've planned to go every evening to relax to the beach so we have to bring our swimming trunks. 

We are going to do exercise like running on the sand so we have to bring our sports clothes too! I looked on the internet what the weather will be like this month there and it's going to be so hot! But two days of our holiday it will probably rain so we have to bring our umbrella! 

We are going to stay at "The Peace" hotel. 

Whatever...it's going to be the best holidays ever!!

My Plans for Carnival
by Ainhoa Santos

It's Carnival time! It's fantastic! I'm going to go to my grandparents' house in A Valenzá. 

My grandmother will make a lot of food for all my family, as in all parties. I suppose that my grandfather won't wear costumes because he doesn't like carnival, I don't know why. But I don't worry, I know that he'll be happy because we're going to eat together everyday.

My parents tell me that they're going to a dinner with their friends. My sister and I are going to my cousin Carlos' party because it's his birthday. 

On Saturday, I'm going to go to the shopping centre with my friends and Marie told me that we'll see a horror film. I'll buy popcorn and a soft drink to see the film. I think that Lorena won't go with us because her mum is in hospital. I hope that she gets over soon.

On Sunday, I'm going to go to Juan XXIII street to see the parade. I have to get round Susi, I hope she accompanies me. My little cousin is going to parade with his mum, my aunt. His name is Carlos and he's four. He's very nice. I love him.

Finally, I'm going to go to bed early, because I have to study for my exams. 

Monday 16 March 2015

4th ESO Group B: Compositions about the FUTURE

Year 2100
by Iria Fernández 

Transport in the year 2100 will be very comfortable and fast. Everywhere in the world will be communicated by means of transport such as planes, trains...
Also, transport will have an alternative to petrol and people will create a new vehicle for individual use, for example, the aircraft. 
As regards technology, computers will have many innovations and changes. One of these changes will be that comuters will have the five human senses. In addition, there will be computers controlled by human thought and different technologies to improve health. For this, we will have devices to be placed in the skin and these devices will control the heart rate and the stress levels in the day.
Finally, food will be created in laboratories aas a result of the lack of food. There will also be 3D printers that will make food.

The Earth in the year 2100
by Andrea Mosquera

Nowadays, our society is suffering constant changes to improve and also to have a better life. However, we don't think about the consequences. 
One the one hand, I think that there will be positive changes such as development in medicine, new treatments for different diseases...Also, the advance in technology will allow people to work easily, to be more informed and to be connected. I also think there will be new ways of entertainment, new inventions like machines which will help us to work or to do our housework or, for example, more effective cars. 
Furthermore, people will create new ways of socializing.
On the other hand, the world will have negative changes. There will be more work done by machines so this is going to create more unemployment. New technology and inventions will produce more pollution that affects the atmosphere, therefore, life will be more difficult for species because many of them will be missing and also plants will decrease. 
In conclusion, I think we will live busier and troubled, everything will be more convenient but this will affect the planet, which will become worse little by little. Therefore, we should take care of it and try to progress in a positive way.

In the year 2100
by Borja Fernández

In the year 2100 all means of transport will be flying in space and they can use the energy from the sun. 
You'll travel to other galaxies and you will live without oxygen. 
In this year, they will put a computer on your wrist. People will go to the cinema without getting lost because your computer will guide you and we will speak with all our friends without mobiles.
As regars health, people will not get sick because in our blood there will be organisms which will defend them. 
You will communicate with your watch because it is a computer and you can do everything with it, phone, listen to the radio...
People will see all movies on the Internet and you will surf for free on the Internet and see series, movies, play videogames...

In 2100
by Helena Mª Araujo

In 2100 things will be very different . We will travel by flying cars. These cars will include a TV set, a play station, some games, a kitchen to prepare some food, etc. These cars will do everything for men. They will be very spacious. 
On the other hand, food will be very strange, like penguins with eggs or chips with pencils. People will be very crazy and food too.
Clothes will be very cool because in the planet the weather will be very hot, like 40º or 50º.
I wish I won't live in 2100. I think this will be very strange for me and I won't like to see a different world. It's good now and I don't need to change anything.