Sunday 26 February 2012

My imaginary date

With a few weeks of delay due to unspeakable reasons, here are the two compositions chosen from our wonderful 4th ESO students:

My imaginary date
by Uxía Carrera Fernández (4th ESO A)

Two months ago, I met Lil Wayne in a disco. I was dancing and he came to me and said that I was a good dancer. He asked me out and I said "yes" but I thought that I was in a dream because he's my favourite singer.
We went out together a week after that. He picked me up with his car at the door of my house, at five o'clock. First, we went to the ice rink. It was very funny. Lil could skate very well because it wasn't the first time that he did it. I fell a lot of times and he helped me. Both Lik and I enjoyed it. 
After that we wnet to eat at a fast food restaurant. He ate a hamburger and a CocaCola and I ate chips and a drink. I never imagined that situation so I had a great time, well, both Lil and I had a great time.
After that we went to a park and we talked about our lives. He's funnier than I thought. At nine o'clock he took me up to my house. Neither Lil nor I wanted to say goodbye...but I had to go home.
It was a really good date. Lil Wayne gave me his e-mail and we chat a lot of days. I never thought that my favourite singer could become my friend.

My imaginary date
by Leila Paradela Vázquez (4th ESO B)

Two months ago I met Mario Casas in the Gran Vía, a street in Madrid. I bumped into him.
He said: "Are you OK?" and I answered: "Yes, I am". 
At this moment we looked into each other's eyes. I felt very happy because I've liked him for a long time.Then he asked me out and I said "yes, of course!!". 
We went out together seven weeks ago, on a Friday and in Ourense. He picked me up on a motorbike. He was very handsome on that motorbike. I felt like Babi in "A tres metros sobre el cielo". 
We went to a café, where he invited me to have something to eat and drink. We talked for a long time, he told me about his job, his fans, his films...I was surprised. It was fantastic!!
Then, we went to an ice rink and we ice-skated together. He was very strong so I wasn't afraid of falling. He was very funny and interesting. I think both Mario and I liked ice-skating. 
At ten o'clock we went to the Milenio Bridge. It was so beautiful! We could see half Ourense. Ther, we talked about love and about our date. We thought our date was fantastic. At the end of the date, we kissed on the bridge. 
It was a wonderful date. Mario chatted with me a nd we started to go out every weekend.