Thursday 27 September 2012

Patricia's experience at a summer language camp

Last but not least, Patricia Moreiras is also eager to tell us about her amazing experience.
Here it is:

Last summer, I was in an English camp with my classmates Alba and Sira. It was in Meixoeiro, Vigo. The facilities were very good because the rest of the year this site is an adult school.
My experience was very well, because you met a lot of new people and the instructors were native from Canada, England and Poland. 
The first day we mad a test to know our English level. There were many groups: England, USA, Wales, Ireland, Canada and Scotland. I was in Ireland, Alba in the USA and Sira in Wales, so we only saw each other at breaks and in the free time.
In the mornings, the first week I had activities and classes in the afternoons. The mornings were with Marlena, Julia and Benji. I forgot Marvin, he was our PE teacher. He was from Canada. He loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Some days he played his music on the radio at 9.15 to wake us up. He was very special (for me he was the best monitor).
In the afternoons, we had two and a half hours of classes but with a break of half an hour. The teachers were: Andy, he was from Scotland, James from England, Martina who was from Poland as Sanja, and Sam who was from England. 
Some days we went to Santiago and we saw the "Ciudad de la Cultura"; we also went to Vigo, Pontevedra and to the beach of Samil. And to the "Islas Cíes" too!
Every night we had activities with the instructors. There were sports, films, a terror night, two parties...
The last day all people were crying, me too.
I recommed it to everybody because it is great. You can learn English, meet friends and you visit a lot of places.

Thanks a lot Patricia!!

Alba's experience at a summer language camp

Dear students,

Today it's Alba Lorenzo who wants to share with us her memoir of last July English camp.

On 1st July, I went to an English camp in Vigo. I went with Patricia and Sira because I didn't want to go alone. It was at a hall of residence and it had very good facilities.

The first day, we had a level exam and I was in Level 2. Each group had one name, for example Wales, USA, Canada, Ireland... I was in the USA. After this, as it was the first day, we went to a beach and we sunbathed.
During these weeks, in the mornings we had class, but it was funny because we played games and sometimes we used one book. In the afternoons, we had many and different activities with other teachers, for example, we did a "Mandala", we played basketball, American football, we made personality T-shirts, masks...It was the best part of the day.
Every night, we had funny activities, for example a Hawaii party, balloon games, terror night, many films, etc.
The teachers were from Canada, the USA and Britain and their names were Marvin, James, Benji, Marlena and Sam. 
Every day was incredible, but in the last day, people cried (me too) because you wouldn't see these people again and the same with the teachers.
I recommend to go to the camps, because it's a fantastic experience, and you meet a lot of people.
Next year, I will definitely return. :)

Thank you very much Alba!!!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Sira's experience at a summer language camp

Last summer, three of our students, Alba Lorenzo, Patricia Moreiras and Sira Prieto, were selected to take part in one of the summer language camp that Xunta de Galicia organizes every year. They really enjoyed the experience and I asked them to write a small composition explaining how they lived it. 
Here's Sira's account of those days:

Last summer I went to an English Camp with Alba and Patri, two friends. 
My experience was great and very funny! The best was to meet a log of people and to learn English with Canadian and British teachers.We were in a University School in Vigo for twelve days. 
Our daily routine was: in the mornings we had English class. We had a book to do exercises and we wrote our diary each day. Also we spoke with the teachers, who were young, very friendly and funny.
In the afternoons, we did sports, crafts and theater classes. We played American football, basket, volleyball and we ran with obstacles in the forest. Some crafts we made were dreamcatchers, masks and flags. 
In the theater class we practised dancing, talking and we did juggling!!
At nights, we had a lot of activities: the talent show, the Hawaian party, the final party, many games and shows, the horror night...and we saw films too.
In the talent show and Hawaian party, I danced with some friends and i got the jitters because, in front of me, there were all the camp participants. 
Some days, we had excursions. We went to Cíes Islands, Pontevedra, Santiago and Vigo. 
The last day we cried so we promised to go back to this camp next summer.

Thank you Sira for sharing your experience!!!

Monday 17 September 2012

Welcome back!!

After two month holiday we're back to work so WELCOME to school!!!

I hope that you have enjoyed summer and I also hope that you are full of energy for this new academic year. Remember the values we're going to work during the year:


And also remember our new motto: Solidarity Opens Frontiers

We're going to try to work on these issues from the subject of English and I expect everybody to get engaged and to work to fulfill our goals. 

Do you feel up to getting ready? Come on!!!!!!!!!!