Sunday 20 November 2011

My town, then and now

Pontes de Ourense
Avda. Pontevedra
Cardenal Quiroga
Praza Maior
Curros Enríquez (Gob. Civil)
Xardíns Padre Feijoo/Paseo
Avda. Juan XXIII
Parque de San Lázaro
Ponte Nova
Rúa do Paseo
Praza Maior

Use these photos to compare your town in the past and nowadays. If it is possible, ask your parents or grandparents about their life in the past. Talk about buildings, transport, streets, social life and fashion. For this essay, you may find useful the connectors to express contrast we have seen. 

Tips to write an essay:
  • brainstorming:  it involves noting down the ideas that pop into your mind about the topic you're going to write about. 
  • organising: looking at your brainstorm, select the ideas you want to include and delete the information you think unnecessary. 
  • write a draft: how is your essay going to be organized and complete it with more information about the topic. 
  • correct you text (grammar and spelling mistakes)
  • start your essay with and introduction and finish it with a short conclusion giving your opinion.
  • divide your essay into paragraphs, each with its own topic. 
  • make notes for each topic.

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