Sunday 6 November 2011

Composition "My Best Friend" 3rd ESO

Here I'm posting just a small sample of your wonderful compositions about your best friends. 

My Best Friend
by Alba Álvarez  3rd ESO A

Marta Vázquez and I are almost best friends and we’re neighbours too. We live in Ourense, in the same building. We go to the same school and in the same grade, but I’m in class 3A and she’s in 3B. I often go to her place to sleep and other times she comes to my place.
Marta is fourteen years old. She’s tall and thin, she’s got short, dark curly hair and blue eyes. The good thing about her is that she’s very funny, honest and warm-hearted, although she can also be very stubborn and a bit curious, but she’s too innocent.
She’s happiest when she’s chatting and joking with our friends. She likes reading, going out and surfing the Internet. We always go out together on Saturdays and we sometimes go to San Lázaro Park.

My Best Friend
by Sira Prieto 3rd ESO B

Marta Taín and I are friends. She lives near the “Parque Barbaña” and I live near the other park, but we live in Ourense and we go to the same school, “Santo Ángel”.
She is fourteen and I am thirteen because her birthday is before my birthday.
She is a bit big but she isn’t tall. She has got long, dark and wavy hair. She is brown-eyed and she has got moles in her chubby cheeks.
The good thing about her is that she is like me, because she understands me. She is also happy, friendly, a bit sensitive, very curious and she sometimes boasts, but she doesn’t do it on purpose.
She likes to go to the cinema with our friends or to go to other places. She doesn’t like chocolate, fruit or fish.
She has got one brother as I have got one too. We play with them because we always enjoy very much.
She plays tennis and she goes to a dance academy, but she goes to other academies to study other subjects too.

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