Tuesday 15 November 2011

Composition "This is...." 4th ESO

A sample of compositions from 4th ESO

This is Rachel
By Antía Feijoo 4th ESO A

Rachel is very trendy and she looks quite cool. She always buys new clothes despite their high price.
She doesn’t like smart clothes so much; she prefers wearing sport clothes, although she usually wears make-up and some jewellery like earrings and bracelets.

Rachel loves sports; she does athletics two times a week during two hours. On the one hand, she thinks that it’s very hard; on the other hand, she wants to do it, because she believes that it’s good for her health.
She also likes going out with her friends and going to the cinema with them. However, she doesn’t go to the cinema very often.
The third thing that she loves is her blackberry. She always chats to her friends with it when I’m with her. In contrast, I’ve never done it. I think it is very annoying!

She doesn’t like people who speak very much, although she speaks a lot, but I don’t mind.
Another thing that she hates is to get up early to go to school, but she likes staying there; and the last thing that she hates is to do long trips by car, although she goes to Bilbao with her family very often.

My sister
by Fátima Villarino 4th ESO B

I’ll talk about my sister Rosa because she’s the most important person to me. She lives in Santander since 1999.

My sister is thirty-four years old and she is very intelligent, respectful, with sense of humour, kind and a good person and sister.

People say she looks like our mother because she has brown hair and straight, green eyes, light skin with some freckles. She hasn’t got tattoos or piercings.
Her style is very natural, she wears modern and smart clothes yet with a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and some make-up.
She loves to come here because she misses us; she likes to go to our village and above all, to meet friends. Because of her work, she can’t do many things but she would like to do sports. In summer, when the weather is nice, she goes to the beach to sunbathe.

The obvious difference between us is the age but it doesn’t prevent us from getting along. I seem more serious and with a lot of character. However, she has more character. I’m more determined and stronger than she is.
We don’t look alike physically. She is smaller and has fewer freckles than me. On the other hand, I am red head and have got blue eyes.

Although I like Ourense, I prefer to travel. I don’t like to go to my village but I like to practice sport and go to the beach.

This is my sister, a person different from me.

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