Tuesday 15 November 2011

Composition "My Best Friend" 2nd ESO

 Compositions from 2nd ESO students

My Best Friend
by Marco Casanova 2nd ESO A

I have a lot of friends but I am going to speak about Yago.
Yago is eleven. He goes to Salesianos school. I meet him in my village. He likes videogames, playing football and riding a bike. He doesn’t like exams, playing basketball and pets.

His favourite subjects in the school are maths and music. We sometimes play ping-pong at the weekend but we usually play badminton. He likes music and films and we often go to the cinema.

His birthday is on 6th March. He’s got a little brother. His name is Miguel.
Yago is tall and thin. He’s got long and brown hair and brown eyes too.

My Best Friend
by Aroa Rodríguez 2nd ESO B

My best friend’s name is María. She’s thirteen and her birthday is on 23rd March.
She’s got one brother. His name’s Diego. She’s got two pets: one dog and a cat too.

She’s tall and thin. She’s got dark hair and brown eyes.

María and I go to the same school. It’s called Santo Ángel. We’re in the same class. Her favourite subject is maths but she also likes music.

She loves reading and listening to music. When we meet in town, we often go to the park or to the shopping center.

She doesn’t play any sport, but she likes playing basketball.

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