Sunday 17 June 2012

Welcome to....MEET A CELEBRITY!!

Last Thursday, students from 3rd ESO took part in a theatre play called "Meet a Celebrity!"
Here are some pictures of our wonderful actors and actresses taken after the rehearsals. Some of them even came characterized for the occasion!
Good job everybody!! 

Johnny, Diego, Marta Taín, Sira and Pablo from 3rd ESO B

Andrea, Sara, Javier, José Manuel and Marta Vázquez from 3rd ESO B

Elia, Alba, Javier, José Manuel and Patricia from 3rd ESO B

David Pérez, Eduardo, David Feijoo, Paula and Perla from 3rd ESO B

Alexandre, Angie, Sara Barreiro, Alba and Victoria from 3rd ESO A

Adrián, Ana, Sandra, Constantina and Sabela from 3rd ESO A

Cristopher, María, Miguel, Itziar and Victoria from 3rd ESO A

Laura Álvarez, Sara Fernández, Sara Barreiro, Laura Castro and Rubén from 3rd ESO A