Wednesday 22 April 2020

Happy Earth Day!

Today, we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

Earth Day reminds us to take care of our planet—whether it’s cleaning up, planting more trees, recycling or going for a walk in the mountains. 

Honoring the name of this blog and because whales are one of the animals threatened with extinction, I am posting this wonderful National Geographic video to learn a bit more about the biggest mammals on Earth. 


If you like quizzes, you can do some interesting ones on the Earth Day site. There is one specifically dealing with whales: 

And remember to 

Thursday 16 April 2020


                                       Carteles y Impresión Artística Quarantine Funny Virus | TeePublic MX                             

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Learning together is always better!

Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of working together. 

During the 2nd term we have done pair work activities, small group activities and team work in the English class. 

We have used scaffolding techniques to boost cooperative learning. Moreover, during the lessons with Joshua, our language assistant, we have used gamification techniques in order to learn while we have fun.  It has certainly been a good one!

We really hope to be back to school soon. Meanwhile, here is a video of some of our 2nd and 3rd ESO students slaving away at the activities. Stay home, stay safe!