Sunday 15 November 2015

A product review (writings from 3rd ESO students)

A product review
by Cristina Zumel
It's a graphic tablet (WACOM). My parents gave me the tablet on my birthday because I wanted it for drawing.

On the one hand, it was easy to set up. For drawing it was really better than the mouse. It's one of the best graphic tablet at the market. Plus, it had got a very good price.
On the other hand for using it the first time it was necessary to connect it with the programme that you were using to draw and it was quite difficult.
For me, if you want to do digital drawings, this tablet is perfect.

A product review
by Nerea Rodríguez Puga
I just bought an IPhone. I'm pretty happy with it but I'll talk about some pros and cons I think you need to know before buying it.

It's really easy to set up, there is a digital guide that explains all the things you need to do to make it work. It has two cameras (one external cam and another internal) with an awesome resolution (I don't know how but I always look good in my IPhone pics). I think the software works pretty well and the phone in general works fast. The voice function and the speakers also work amazingly well.
But, althought it works really well and I'm so happy with all its functions, I have to say it's too expensive (I had to save money for almost two years to buy it). I also think everyone should know that the operating system is made to connect only with more Apple devices, so it makes you want to buy all your electronic devices in the Apple Store because, if you don't, then, to connect for example your Iphone with your Android/Windows tablet, you'll have to work double hard.
Summarizing, in my opinion, IPhone is a really good phone and I like it a lot; and I'd recommend it to people with enough money to buy all the expensive Apple devices, or to people with time that can spend 30 minutes to send a picture from their phone to their laptop.

A product review
by Lara Rodríguez Pereira

I got the new Stlein 6 Plus last week and I couldn't be more angry with it.
I was really excited to buy this "amazing" new mobile phone because I heard really nice opinions about it, but nowadays, I don't understand why.

Here a short review about it:
PROS: It was a gift -so luckyly I didn't spend any money-, it offers a good customers' service, it has a cool design, it is easy to set up and the camera has a nice resolution.
CONS: It works really slow, I can't watch films or series outside home -because without WiFi it works really badly, the voice assistant doesn't work properly and the software seems old even though I bought it not many days ago!

In conclusion, I would recomend this phone to people that don't use it very much or that just want a beautiful design; but in my case, it disappointed me a lot ad I wouldn't buy it again if I had the opportunity to.