Wednesday 23 November 2011

TV series

Step 1: Open the word cloud and guess what famous TV series is hidden under it.

Wordle: Lost

Step 2: Click on the link to see the opening scene of this TV series:

Step 3: How observant are you? Say if these statements are true or false:

1. The first image we see is Jack's right eye.
2. The dog came from Jack's left.
3. Jack took a bottle out of his left pocket.
4. The man with the trapped leg was wearing a grey shirt.
5. Jack tied his tie round the injured man's right leg.
6. The pregnant woman was not wearing a necklace.

(Material provided by Steve Muir from "Tried and Tested: Clips that work")

Sunday 20 November 2011

My town, then and now

Pontes de Ourense
Avda. Pontevedra
Cardenal Quiroga
Praza Maior
Curros Enríquez (Gob. Civil)
Xardíns Padre Feijoo/Paseo
Avda. Juan XXIII
Parque de San Lázaro
Ponte Nova
Rúa do Paseo
Praza Maior

Use these photos to compare your town in the past and nowadays. If it is possible, ask your parents or grandparents about their life in the past. Talk about buildings, transport, streets, social life and fashion. For this essay, you may find useful the connectors to express contrast we have seen. 

Tips to write an essay:
  • brainstorming:  it involves noting down the ideas that pop into your mind about the topic you're going to write about. 
  • organising: looking at your brainstorm, select the ideas you want to include and delete the information you think unnecessary. 
  • write a draft: how is your essay going to be organized and complete it with more information about the topic. 
  • correct you text (grammar and spelling mistakes)
  • start your essay with and introduction and finish it with a short conclusion giving your opinion.
  • divide your essay into paragraphs, each with its own topic. 
  • make notes for each topic.

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Composition "My Best Friend" 2nd ESO

 Compositions from 2nd ESO students

My Best Friend
by Marco Casanova 2nd ESO A

I have a lot of friends but I am going to speak about Yago.
Yago is eleven. He goes to Salesianos school. I meet him in my village. He likes videogames, playing football and riding a bike. He doesn’t like exams, playing basketball and pets.

His favourite subjects in the school are maths and music. We sometimes play ping-pong at the weekend but we usually play badminton. He likes music and films and we often go to the cinema.

His birthday is on 6th March. He’s got a little brother. His name is Miguel.
Yago is tall and thin. He’s got long and brown hair and brown eyes too.

My Best Friend
by Aroa Rodríguez 2nd ESO B

My best friend’s name is María. She’s thirteen and her birthday is on 23rd March.
She’s got one brother. His name’s Diego. She’s got two pets: one dog and a cat too.

She’s tall and thin. She’s got dark hair and brown eyes.

María and I go to the same school. It’s called Santo Ángel. We’re in the same class. Her favourite subject is maths but she also likes music.

She loves reading and listening to music. When we meet in town, we often go to the park or to the shopping center.

She doesn’t play any sport, but she likes playing basketball.

Composition "This is...." 4th ESO

A sample of compositions from 4th ESO

This is Rachel
By Antía Feijoo 4th ESO A

Rachel is very trendy and she looks quite cool. She always buys new clothes despite their high price.
She doesn’t like smart clothes so much; she prefers wearing sport clothes, although she usually wears make-up and some jewellery like earrings and bracelets.

Rachel loves sports; she does athletics two times a week during two hours. On the one hand, she thinks that it’s very hard; on the other hand, she wants to do it, because she believes that it’s good for her health.
She also likes going out with her friends and going to the cinema with them. However, she doesn’t go to the cinema very often.
The third thing that she loves is her blackberry. She always chats to her friends with it when I’m with her. In contrast, I’ve never done it. I think it is very annoying!

She doesn’t like people who speak very much, although she speaks a lot, but I don’t mind.
Another thing that she hates is to get up early to go to school, but she likes staying there; and the last thing that she hates is to do long trips by car, although she goes to Bilbao with her family very often.

My sister
by Fátima Villarino 4th ESO B

I’ll talk about my sister Rosa because she’s the most important person to me. She lives in Santander since 1999.

My sister is thirty-four years old and she is very intelligent, respectful, with sense of humour, kind and a good person and sister.

People say she looks like our mother because she has brown hair and straight, green eyes, light skin with some freckles. She hasn’t got tattoos or piercings.
Her style is very natural, she wears modern and smart clothes yet with a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and some make-up.
She loves to come here because she misses us; she likes to go to our village and above all, to meet friends. Because of her work, she can’t do many things but she would like to do sports. In summer, when the weather is nice, she goes to the beach to sunbathe.

The obvious difference between us is the age but it doesn’t prevent us from getting along. I seem more serious and with a lot of character. However, she has more character. I’m more determined and stronger than she is.
We don’t look alike physically. She is smaller and has fewer freckles than me. On the other hand, I am red head and have got blue eyes.

Although I like Ourense, I prefer to travel. I don’t like to go to my village but I like to practice sport and go to the beach.

This is my sister, a person different from me.

Sunday 6 November 2011

Composition "My Best Friend" 3rd ESO

Here I'm posting just a small sample of your wonderful compositions about your best friends. 

My Best Friend
by Alba Álvarez  3rd ESO A

Marta Vázquez and I are almost best friends and we’re neighbours too. We live in Ourense, in the same building. We go to the same school and in the same grade, but I’m in class 3A and she’s in 3B. I often go to her place to sleep and other times she comes to my place.
Marta is fourteen years old. She’s tall and thin, she’s got short, dark curly hair and blue eyes. The good thing about her is that she’s very funny, honest and warm-hearted, although she can also be very stubborn and a bit curious, but she’s too innocent.
She’s happiest when she’s chatting and joking with our friends. She likes reading, going out and surfing the Internet. We always go out together on Saturdays and we sometimes go to San Lázaro Park.

My Best Friend
by Sira Prieto 3rd ESO B

Marta Taín and I are friends. She lives near the “Parque Barbaña” and I live near the other park, but we live in Ourense and we go to the same school, “Santo Ángel”.
She is fourteen and I am thirteen because her birthday is before my birthday.
She is a bit big but she isn’t tall. She has got long, dark and wavy hair. She is brown-eyed and she has got moles in her chubby cheeks.
The good thing about her is that she is like me, because she understands me. She is also happy, friendly, a bit sensitive, very curious and she sometimes boasts, but she doesn’t do it on purpose.
She likes to go to the cinema with our friends or to go to other places. She doesn’t like chocolate, fruit or fish.
She has got one brother as I have got one too. We play with them because we always enjoy very much.
She plays tennis and she goes to a dance academy, but she goes to other academies to study other subjects too.