Thursday 27 September 2012

Alba's experience at a summer language camp

Dear students,

Today it's Alba Lorenzo who wants to share with us her memoir of last July English camp.

On 1st July, I went to an English camp in Vigo. I went with Patricia and Sira because I didn't want to go alone. It was at a hall of residence and it had very good facilities.

The first day, we had a level exam and I was in Level 2. Each group had one name, for example Wales, USA, Canada, Ireland... I was in the USA. After this, as it was the first day, we went to a beach and we sunbathed.
During these weeks, in the mornings we had class, but it was funny because we played games and sometimes we used one book. In the afternoons, we had many and different activities with other teachers, for example, we did a "Mandala", we played basketball, American football, we made personality T-shirts, masks...It was the best part of the day.
Every night, we had funny activities, for example a Hawaii party, balloon games, terror night, many films, etc.
The teachers were from Canada, the USA and Britain and their names were Marvin, James, Benji, Marlena and Sam. 
Every day was incredible, but in the last day, people cried (me too) because you wouldn't see these people again and the same with the teachers.
I recommend to go to the camps, because it's a fantastic experience, and you meet a lot of people.
Next year, I will definitely return. :)

Thank you very much Alba!!!

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