Monday 7 October 2013

Summer is gone...isn't it??

Starting the 2nd week of October....leaves on the ground, morning fogs, early nights. Looks like everything is telling us that we've just dived into autumn...except for the weather!!! Do not misunderstand me. It's not that I don't like hot. I do love it but, hasn't it been enough?? Apparently not, so in order to keep this summertime atmosphere, I've decided to update the blog today with some compositions of our 3rd ESO students about their summer. Here they are. Read, enjoy and re-taste summer:

Mª Alejandra Ruiz
3rd ESO A

After finishing school in June, I went to Ireland to study English and to learn to write it and speak it well. 
I visited Ireland, it's very nice. I liked Ireland very much. It's beautiful.
I went to Ourense and I was a week in Ourense and after that, I went to Colombia with my family because my family and I are Colombian.
On the first days we were resting in the house of my father. We went to visit many places with my father. Some of them were San Andrés, an island of Colombia which is in the Caribbean. The beaches there are beautiful. 
It's amazing the amount of colors which the sea may have. It's said that's the sea of the seven colors. I also flew in paragliding with my father and we went to the town where my father was born. It's called the Cocuy and it's very nice.
It's where I could ride a horse and a lot of other things. It's a unique experience. 
This was my summer.

Miguel Rosales
3rd ESO A

I have a strange friend. He's a Super Wild Pig-Bear called Paco. He's very hairy and he loves cookies. He lives in my house but he doesn't sleep at night. He waits for the sun. I've spent all my summer with him. We played football twice a week. He was the best of the park and everybody said:"WOW!!, he's amazing!!"
On Wednesdays we played on the computer all day long. He doesn't like playing but he loves to watch me doing it. 
On Tuesdays and Fridays we went to the swimming-pool. It was fun but...he has a lot of hair!
At weekends we did a lot of things: travelling, discovering the city, sleep...and we sometimes phoned our other strange friends (the catbird, the red swimmer dog, the politicrat) and we played on the computer with them again!!

Andrea Mosquera
3rd ESO B

When I finished the course, I started to prepare the suitcase because later, I went to a summer camp in Gandarío, A Coruña. It was about aquatic activities like surf, windsurf, aquatic ski...
We were 100 people, so I made a lot of new friends. We spent there 12 days and I really had a lot of un. When it finished we were all very sad because we had to come home.
After this I spent one week in Ourense, meeting my friends, going to the pool...But then I went eight days to Madrid to visit the city. It's a big city and so beautiful!! We went to museums, the zoo, the Royal Palace, Aranjuez, Toledo, etc...I loved it!!
After this I went to Valencia to the beach. It was a good time, the beach was beautiful and I had a lot of fun with my family.
When I came to Ourense, I went to my village for some days and then I spent time going for a walk with my friends and family, going to the pool, to the cinema, doing a pyjama party...
When the summer finished I had a lot of photos, it was a great summer.

Ezequiel Álvarez
3rd ESO B

My summer was good. I went to the beach a lot of times and to the pool more times than the beach.
In July, I went to my village and I played with my XBox 360 a lot of time and I watched TV and went to the river. In August I stayed in Ourense for one week or two, I don't remember, but I listened to a lot of music. I went to the pools of Monterrei, to the pool of my uncle and I watched a lot of television too. The other weeks I went to my village. 
 In September I stayed here and I talked with my friends. I played with my PC and I got the things ready to school.

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