Sunday 20 October 2013

Dinosaur stories

Last Friday, our new native assistant, Nithin, helped 4th ESO students with the pronunciation of the -ed past endings. For this purpose, they invented a story about dinosaurs in which each student had to say one sentence using a regular verb in the past. Students learned a lot and we all had fun. Here is the result:

4th ESO Group A

First we talked to a T-Rex. The T-Rex was dangerous. The T-rex worked in the jungle. We cooked breakfast for the T-Rex. We asked the T-rex, “What is your name?” The T-rex said my name is Eustaquio. Eustaquio liked to play tennis. After, Eustaquio watched a piece of meat. We waited for the bus with him. In the movie Jurassic Park, they filmed velociraptors. He invited me to his house. We watched a film on the TV. Eustaquio ate us. But we killed him from the inside. Then he smiled. But then we found another T-Rex. And he was called Gervasio. We invented fire and burned him. The other dinosaurs traveled to the future with us. In the future, we killed all the dinosaurs and we cooked them. In the future, we cooked a barbecue. 

4th ESO Group B

One day the dinosaurs started to destroy the universe. The dinosaurs invented the work. The dinosaurs were pink. The dinosaurs watched TV. The dinosaurs were very dangerous and they liked to destroy the University of Ourense. All the class traveled to the past to save the universe. The dinosaurs listened to music, hard rock. They invited some aliens. The dinosaurs talked English. The dinosaurs cooked the cookies for the mermaids. The dinosaurs traveled on the bus. A dinosaur married another dinosaur. People wanted to do something to save the universe. The whole class that went to save the universe died because of an atomic bomb. The dinosaurs tattooed the young people. A dinosaur survived and he killed a lot of people. I played football with Tommy, he was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rex cleaned the universe. I went to the wedding between the dinosaurs where everybody danced. The class rose from the dead and wished they were back in Santo Angel.

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