Thursday 7 November 2013

My best friend (3rd ESO)

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary a friend is a person who you like being with, a person who helps or supports someone or something and one attached to another by affection or esteem. 

Have you got many friends? I'm not talking about Facebook friends, I'm talking about real, close friends. If you have many friends you should feel the luckiest person in the world. Quoting Robert Louis Stevenson "a friend is a gift you give yourself". 

So let's talk about friends. Students from 3rd ESO had to write a composition whose topic was "My best friend". Some of them followed the writing guide from the SB but some others simply felt free to speak about their closest pals. These are some of the compositions they handed me over last Monday. Well done guys!!

My best friend
by Martín Muñoz, 3rd ESO Group A

Bruno is my best friend, he's amazing. 
He lives in Santa Cruz, so far from where I live. He isn't very tall, he has got brown eyes and black hair. He is thin and active. 

He is friendly, funny and he always smiles. He loves playing the PS3 and going to the cinema with me. He's an excellent person and I can tell him everything. He likes video bames, football and cars. 

I love staying with him and everyday we chat on our mobile-phones and speak with a microphone in the PS3. 

His best thing is his personality. We always smile and spend a lot of time playing video games. His worst thing is his house, because he lives far from me and we don't see each other everyday.

My best friend
by Irene Medina, 3rd ESO Group A

My friend's name is Iria. She lives in Ourense and she goes to my school. She is 14 years old. She is tall, with green eyes and long, blond hair. Iria is a very positive person and she is very nice.

She likes doing gymnastics and meeting her friends and she loves music. When we are together we like to go to the shopping centre, we talk about music  or we go for a walk.

My best friend
by Selva Barrios, 3rd ESO Group B

Ana Belén and I are friends. Ana Belén lives in Benavente. She lives in a duplex penthouse. We don't go to the same school. 

Ana Belén is fourteen years old. She's tall and thin. She has got short brown hair. She's very funny and friendly and she is a good person.

Ana Belén is happiest when we go to the shopping centre. She likes meeting other people and she likes going to parties.

My best friend
by Yago Cruz, 3rd ESO Group B

My best friend is Alba Areas. She is 13 years old. Her birthday is 29th November. She was born in 1998.

She lives far from me, about 14 km, but we go to the same school, "Santo Angel". She has got straight blonde hair, green eyes and her face is normal. Her fingers are thin and large and she has got long legs. She's tall and thin.

She has got a lot of positive sides in her personality but some are her sincerity, friendliness, sympathy and her joy. I've never found a negative side in her personality. If you found one, tell me and we can talk about it. 

My friend is happy when she stays with me and we can have fun. We watch a lot of films because we love watching films; she likes playing volleyball and playing with her computer.We go to a lot of places, to the park, to the cinema, to our house, to church and sometimes we go to the bowling alley. 
I love her :)


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