Sunday 24 February 2013


Dear students,

I am posting today a little bit of grammar that I hope you find useful. 
Here is a list of linking expressions or connectors to enrich your vocabulary and give new connotations to your writings. Now it's your turn to start using them!!!


First of all, I would like to say that….

Secondly, I do not agree with the idea of…

Last but not least, we must remember that…

Finally, it is important to…


He left early and on top of that he didn’t pay for his meal.

She didn’t really want to see the film. Besides/Also, she was tired to go to the cinema.

The price is good and moreover/furthermore/in addition the location is perfect.

They want new rules in the hotel; above all, they want to restrict the noise level.

These new medicines are perfectly safe. Indeed/In fact/Actually, they can be given to young children.


She has many good qualities, for example/for instance/such as higher education.


Some cars are more environmentally friendly than others. That is to say/In other words, they cause less pollution.


She was very kind. By contrast/In contrast, he was very mean.

Some people learn languages easily; on the contrary, others find it very difficult.

They decided not to take the car. Instead, they caught the next train.

On the one hand I enjoyed their company, but on the other hand their strange lifestyle disturbed me.

Although/Even though he wasn’t feeling well, he attended the meeting.

In spite of/Despite feeling unwell, he attended the meeting.

He didn’t feel well. However/nevertheless he attended the meeting.

I wanted to travel with her but I didn’t have enough money.

My friends left the cinema before the end of the film, whereas/while I stayed until the end.


In my opinion/view, he is one of the most important writers of our generation.

I think/believe/consider he is one of the most important writers of our generation.


As it was getting late, they decided to return home.

Trains are delayed because of/due to the inclement weather.

I typed all the documents because she was busy.


She could go either with her family or her friends.


He bought a new laptop, to/in order to work more efficiently.

He bought a new laptop, so that his son could use it.


A lot of people voted for him, so/thus/therefore he was awarded the prize.


I’ve got your test results and all in all, you’re OK.

To sum up/In short, it was a highly successful visit.

In conclusion/Finally, it seems clear that tourism is having a good effect on the area.

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