Wednesday 27 February 2013


A Brave Rescue by Miguel Rosales

Martín and I were playing in the mountains when a red helicopter lost control near us. It was really cold, it was snowing and the engine could be frozen. It started to fall down and we were scared.
We shouted to the red helicopter but the people who were in it didn't hear us. We had two torches and we found an open area. Martin aimed to the helicopter with his torch and I aimed to the open area.
Finally, the helicopter could land, and they said to us that they were firefighters, they were exploring the zone and the motor switched off.
- Thank you- they said. You are very brave.
-You're welcome- we said. 

A Brave Rescue by Elena Saco

The rescue happened while we were on holiday in the Alps. It was great and very dangerous.
I was with my friends and we were in the snow. We were skiing down the mountain. There was a helicopter and a skier was on a stretcher. He couldn't move. People thought that he was skiing when he tripped and fell on a rock. He was lucky because some people passed by and they called emergency. The people in the helicopter took him to a hospital.
The skier is grateful to work with them in dangerous rescues. The situation was dangerous because there was a lot of snow and it wasn't an easy place to land. It was a brave rescue. 

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