Thursday 28 February 2013


A BRAVE RESCUE by Yago Cruz Cadaya

The rescue happened while I was watching the Word Rally Championship in Sweden two years ago. It was a very exciting and dangerous accidenta and I got a photo of it.
I was a journalist and I was taking photos for a newspaper, "The Engine Life". 
He had an accident with his car because he lost control of the car. He broke his left leg and his right wrist. 
The rescuers knew about his situacion because the car had a GPS. The GPS didn't send singal but the rescuers could find him because of the last signal sent by it. 
The situation was dangerous because he was alone in the middle of snow and it was very cold. 
The pilot was well and the next year he won the World Rally Championship.
The pilot was very strong and brave because he survived the accident and the next year he won the championship. 

A BRAVE RESCUE by Silvia Novoa

The rescue happened while we were on holiday in Italy last June. It was really amazing and I was lucky to get a photo of it. 
I was with my family and my friends and we were in a bus. We were exploring the mountain when we saw two dogs on the snow. There was an avalanche. I didn't see it coming. The avalanche finished and I could take the dogs. 
The dogs were hungry and I didn't have any food. Suddenly, I saw a helicopter. I shouted and the helicopter rescued us. 
We went to the country and we ate. When we finished, I went home and I took the dogs with me.

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