Sunday 1 June 2014

Good bye Nithin

Last Friday, we had to say good bye to our first language assistant in Santo Ángel. 

Nithin Ravi arrived last October to help us, teachers and students, learn and love English language. 

As a colleague, I can only say good things about him. He was open and eager to talk to everybody, he was full of great ideas to put into practise in class, he always solved my questions, he was funny and I really believed he has left an impression in our school. 

As regards to children, he has been a breath of fresh air for them. They enjoyed his classes so much that they were really disappointed whenever he couldn't attend to school. He made them talk in English, he made them laugh and he made them enjoy the language a little bit. 

On our last class, he had the wonderful idea of asking the students to create something similar to a Year Book, and students just loved it!! Some of them wrote very special and deep messages to him (even to me!!). I must say here that they never stop surprising me. 

I think it's been a special year for all of us and this is in part thanks to you, Nithin. You have set such high standards that our next year's assistant will have to fight it hard!!! 

Thank you, good luck in everything you do in life and come to visit us again!!

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