Thursday 6 March 2014

My plans for your visit (4th ESO compositions)

Here's a sample of 4th ESO students compositions about a friend's visit to a city.  I'm particularly proud this time because it was the first time they were asked to write 300 words and most of them did really well. In this essay, the goal was to practise future tenses. 

My plans for the visit
by Sergio Bayona

Hi, James

I'm just writing to check that everything is OK for your visit. I think you'll like Rome.
On Monday, we're going to walk around the city, and if you want, we can visit the Colosseum. It's so beautiful! Can you believe that it was made a thousand of years ago? That's unbelievable! 
At 13.00, we are eating in a restaurant called "Rome Food". It's a beautiful restaurant, specially if you order pasta or pizza. Mmm!
Next day in the morning, we're going to sleep because probably you'll be tired. Then, my mum is going to make us fish and chips. I think it won't be as good as the restaurant but it will be OK. At night, we're going to walk to St. Peter's Square. The illumination is so beautiful!
On Wednesday, we're going to catch the train. It arrives at the Vatican at 12.00. It's simply beautiful! Then, we're returning to my house and relaxing there.
On Thursday, we're visiting the Sistine Chapel that was painted by Michelangelo. That's another beautiful thing in Rome! It's all so beautiful! There isn't anything boring here!
On Friday, we're going to stay in my house playing video games because we'll be very tired of walking and visiting monuments.
On Saturday, if it rains, we're going to the shops and to a very very big shopping centre that is near my house. I recommend that you bring a lot of money because you won't be able to resist buying all the beautiful clothes that there are here.
Finally, on Sunday, we're buying some souvenirs because I suppose that you will want to take them to your family. 
To end this e-mail, I ask you to tell me the time that your flight arrives to go to pick you up. 



My plans for the visit
by Marco Casanova

Hi Mr. Eustaquio José,

How are you? I really miss you but soon I am going to see you.
I think you'll like Paris.  
On Monday we can go to the Saint Michel fountain because near there is a beautiful restaurant where we will have lunch (the chef cooks a delicious chicken with a strange green sauce that I love). So you will really like that place. After eating, we are running twenty-two kilometres around the shore of the Seine. At night we are gong to a pub in the Latin Quarter. Do you like Monday's plan?

Let's go with Tuesday! My good friend, Tuesday will be an epic day. In the morning we will go to the Elysian Fields to shop some presents for your family and then, we will probably buy you the Paris Saint-Germain T-shirt (it is blue, white and red, the same colours as the French flag). You are going to love this T-shirt, it is awesome! In the afternoon, we are going to visit the Louvre Museum so you will see the Mona Lisa. After this, you will be so bored with art that then we are going to eat an ice-cream with my friend François Hollande (he is shy but you will become friends). After this, we could catch a bus to go to the Eiffel Tower and we will get some photos. Paris at night is awesome, the Eiffel Tower lights the city like an enormous lighthouse! I really love this city, I will never move from here because I need all of this. Whe you arrive you won't be able to go out anywhere but here and we are going to hava a great time together. 
Well, do you want to come? I wait for your answer. 
Looking forward to seeing you. 


My plans for the visit
by Iria Gago

Hi Alice, 
I'm just writing to explain to you a bit more about what we're going to do. 

I think you'll like Galicia. It's a really peaceful place. 
On Friday morning, as soon as you leave your luggage, we're going on a tour through the old part of the town. If you're interested in architecture (and I know you are) you'll love it. On Friday afternoon we can go to the shopping centre and relax with its cafés. 

On Saturday morning, we can get a catamaran in "Cañón do Sil" either at ten o'clock or at twelve o'clock. You choose. In the afternoon we're going to one of the most popular places in Ourense, "As Termas". There, you can relax with its hot healing water pools.

On Sunday morning we're visiting one of the most beautiful villages here: Allariz. This weekend there's a celebration called "Festival de Jardines" and it's really cool. It only costs two euros so I think it's a good idea to go there. In the afternoon, as I'm sure you love football, we'll go to see CD Ourense's match. Our team plays against Caudal Deportivo. My parents and my sister are coming with us. In the classification CD Ourense is sixth and we hope to win this match because Caudal Deportivo is seventeenth. But if we lose, I'm sure we'll have already had fun. 

Finally, on Monday we're going on a day trip to O Grove, in Pontevedra. It's a homely town with really nice people and stunning beaches along. 

We're going to meet you in A Coruña's airport next week so can you remind me what terminal is it?

Looking forward to seeing you,


My plans for the visit
by María Feijoo

Hi Rose,

I'm just writing to check that everything's OK for your visit. 
I think you will like Ourense. Your train arrives in Ourense at nine o'clock on Saturday morning so, after leaving your luggage at home, we're going to visit the city centre. There are amazing places and monuments there that I want you to see, like the Cathedral or the Plaza Mayor. Then, we're meeting some of my friends for lunch in a Galician restaurant. In the afternoon we'll probably visit some museums before six o'clock; the tourist train leaves the Roman bridge at half past six so we have to be there at that time for going to "A Chavasqueira" and "Outariz". They are beautiful places to relax and spend the afternoon. 

On Sunday we're going to my village with my parents because they want to show you the forest and the ancient oven, where people baked the bread in the past. We're meeting my grandparents too. I know you'll like them. Did I tell you that they were living in England? When they were young, my grandfather was working in London (my father was born there too!!) so they know a few words in your language.

In the afternoon, we could get a bus to Allariz. It's an ancient Roman village with some interesting buildings and a lot of outlets (so we could go shopping!). We'll probably meet some of my music band mates. If the music school is open, we'll show you our class and our instruments. 

My brother and I are going to meet you at the train station on Saturday. We will be there at nine o'clock, when your train arrives. 
So, are you ready for this amazing weekend?

See you on Saturday!



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