Wednesday 26 March 2014

And the winner is...

After checking all your answers and removing the duplicate votes, here's the final result. 

70 people have participated in the voting and the scrutiny is as follows:

Image #1: 216 points
Image #2: 139 points
Image #3: 149 points
Image #4: 292 points
Image #5: 92 points
Image #6: 286 points

so the winner of the English Blog Contest is ........

Image #4 by Alejandro Rey Feijoo

Congratulations for your great job!!

I would also like to thank the rest of participants: Raquel Baltar (1st ESO), Sergio Bayona (4th ESO), Sabela Rey (2nd ESO) and Miguel Rosales (3rd ESO). You've done very well and I really appreciate your interest in this activity. 

I'll let you know when the prize-giving will take place so keep a close watch on the blog. 

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