Tuesday 1 March 2011

Terror stories (2nd ESO Group A)

Here are a couple of terror stories written by some of our students:

The Black Cat 
by Sandra Ferreiro 2nd ESO Group A

Once upon a time, there was a family living with a cat. The cat always went around town. 
One day, the cat was out but didn't return. It was hit by a car and it was badly wounded on the road. Neighbours saw it lying there and they went to grab it to take it to its owners. The cat died and since then, every night , the cat appears at the same time at the same place where it was killed.

The Mill
by Eduardo García 2nd ESO Group A

Two years ago I went to a friend's housing area. There were many urban legends but I will limit myself to tell you one story:

Next to a picnic area located next to the shore of a little river, there is a wood. Through dense bush and fallen trunks there is a mill. Many rumours say that at night "the woodcutter" went with his old ax. When a child came, he could hear sounds of an ax cutting some kind of meat. 
"The woodcutter" was a humble man who lived in that village and he worked much in his harvest. The men who decided to build the housing area took everything and they fought the man. When they destroyed his house, his daughter was in there. He was full of anger and revenge and now he wanders at night in the housing area. 
He's now a ghost. If you go to the mill or the wood, the woodcutter is a tall man. Poor those who go to that area.

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