Tuesday 15 March 2011

Terror Stories (2nd ESO Group B)

Good evening!!

One of our students was told this first story by her grandmother and it goes as follows:

Years ago, in a town called Zarracos it was said that every night some lights were seen. It was said that they were the souls of the dead people who weren't free from sin yet and came here to let it know to the living.
(Marta Taín, 2nd ESO Group B)

This other story is about the well-known "Santa Compaña":

It's said that the Holy Company appears in the crossroads to call the soul of those who will soon leave the world of the living. Dogs start howling, announcing its visit, cats flee in terror and its step stops the noise of animals in the forest. A silence is interrupted by the ringing of a bell and funeral prayer beads. It's said that the person who is visited by the Holy Company will die within a year.
(Andrea Goyanes, 2nd ESO Group B)

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