Thursday 22 February 2018

What's in your rubbish?

Have you ever thought about this? Then, have a look at the following picture:

Isn't it astonishing the large amount of food waste that an standard household can produce?
Have you ever heard the term "Food wastage footprint"?
Have a look at the following videos and do not hesitate in leaving any comments.

Can you think about any solutions to the current situation?


  1. I think this video shows us how every simple thing we do, has an effect on our world. This videos talked about our food wastage footprint, they are really useful to explain it to people because it isn't really known. They also talked about how can we reduce our footprint , reusing or just been more careful shoppers . We aren't taking care of the world and we must change it as soon as possible.

  2. Благодаря этому блогу я вылечил себя от рака

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