Monday 24 October 2016

The Magic Hat (stories by 2nd ESO students)

In this activity, students worked in small groups. They were given 10 verbs by a different group, 5 of which were well known or very frequently used. The other 5 verbs were found randomly in dictionaries, therefore new for them.  

They had to create a story in which:

- they used all the verbs
- they used the present tenses
- they included a Magic Hat with a special power. 

These are some of the stories that students came up with. Congratulations guys, well done!

The Magic Hat
by Duna, Lara, Rosa and Joel

He arises at 08.00 and he creeps over his bed. He falls down and he bleeds. He goes to do his homework and he proves an experiment in the playground. He starts to dig to make a swimming pool to swim.

He goes to the garage and he starts to sweep because the floor is dirty. Then, he finds a magic hat.

He catches the bike and then he rides to the park and shows his hat to his friends. He plays with them and he mislays the hat in the bush.

At midnight, the hat goes to his house and prepares breakfast for him.

The Magic Hat
by Maika, Martín L., Aldara and Nerea

The owner of the hat goes to magician classes. He drinks a potion to bring the hat to life. First, the potion wakes the hat. When it sees its owner, the hat sees he’s really ugly so it starts to cry.

The hat is sad and sleeps all day long. When he wakes up, he is at a shop and an old man rents it for a wedding.

Before the wedding, the old man spoils it and then he goes to an expensive restaurant and there he eats a fantastic meal.

When they go to the wedding, the hat sees a beautiful hat and he wants to engage with her.

The hat searches her Facebook profile and he finds amazing pictures so they meet and they like each other so much that they want to marry.

The wedding is very beautiful and there are only hats and caps. They have children and they call them “mini-hats”.

The Uses of the Magic Hat
by Lucía Guzmán, Emma, Hugo and Christian

I like this hat because I can do the things that I want.
  • This hat can wake you up. You only have to set the time.
  • This hat transmits information that you need. In maths exams it can calculate the difficult operations. It can hold all the information that you want.
  • In this hat you can tweet with your friends, using the mobile phone that it offers.
  • This hat can find you in the place that you are in the moment.
  • This hat can disappear and make invisible the person who wears it.
  • Sometimes, you can repent of the hat’s use but at the same time, it makes your life easier.

The Magic Hat
by Daniel, Martín F., Aarón, Lucía González and Melanie

I find a hat in my house but when I leave home, I forget to put it on. I find another hat on the street, I put it on and it teleports me to another country!
I walk on the street and I realize that nobody moves. It has never happened to me!

I think that I have a magic hat because when I put it on, people stop moving and I’m in another country but when I remove it, people are doing things and I’m in my country again.

I go home and I leave the hat in my bedroom but when I go to my bedroom again, I think I’ve lost it because it isn’t there! But I don’t mind.

I go to buy some chocolate and I find the hat again. It is on the head of another person and I blame him of stealing my hat. But I don’t tell him anything because I was so hungry that I just wanted to eat the chocolate.

The Magic Hat
by Samuel, Manuel, Sofía and Aralia

This is the story of Ursula. She doesn’t study so she needs to infiltrate a book to copy in the exam. She is nervous because the exams are about the Romans and she doesn’t remember that Roman streets converge in a public square.

When she goes home, she finds a hat. At home, her mother is waiting for her. She needs to know the test mark. She’s nervous but the hat makes her invisible. She goes to her room and she starts to do her homework.

After that, she’s tired and she drinks a glass of water. She chokes with the water, she can’t breathe. Suddenly, the magic hat sanctifies her and she saves her life.

Then, the magic hat plays relaxing music and she falls asleep and has sweet dreams.

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