Tuesday 25 June 2013

English song by Daniel Villar

One of my students from 3rd ESO has written some amazing songs and he has been so kind as to allow me to publish them in the English blog. Even though I have nothing to do with the writing of these lyrics, I am very proud of him. Thanks a lot Daniel, you're an artist!!

-CHANGE THE WORLD NOW-                                              
                                               Around the world,  on world                                                 
I can see now the sky falls ,
the earth is broken in you,
 you got the power, so move ...

I can find what happened
has shifted inside of you
like now it’s time to act,
hands up in the air and ...

All changes inside of you
break the rules of the world,
anything can happen now,
that’s the  time, it can’t stop.

You know it can happen,
nothing is impossible,
now it’s your time,
trust me right now

Don´t look back,
you’re unbreakable
you are like a stone,
break all, change it all...

You wanna be unstoppable,
nothing is what it seems,
you have seen, you've been,
feel the power in all, in all...

You get it, you are ready,
at the corner I´m steady,
so what I stay here rowdy,
   oh,  that I tell you promptly...

by Daniel Villar Cid

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