Thursday 24 January 2013

Musical Activity: Aquarius

Yesterday, 4th ESO students had the opportunity to attend a musical activity in English at Teatro Principal. It was called "Aquarius" and it referred back to the so called "Era of Aquarius" during the 60s and the 70s when there was a cultural revolution worldwide. 
The activity started at 12.00 and finished at about 13.30 and according to most students, time flew!! That's probably because the speaker sang some songs between his speeches. We had worked some of the songs in class so at least we were acquainted with the topic of the session.
The speaker (I think he didn't mention his name...) was quite funny and he tried hard to enjoy and engage students. In my opinion, he was a little muddling sometimes but the important thing is that he spoke clearly and most of our students could follow the activity without further trouble.

I'm posting here today one of the songs we have worked and which you sang so well yesterday!!!

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