Saturday 10 December 2011

My town, then and now (Students essays)

Very good compositions about this topic!! Unfortunately, I have time just to choose a couple (one from each group) and show them to the world ;-)
Well done, Christian and Xiana!!
My town, then and now
by Christian Randolfe 4th ESO B

I live in a small town in the north west of Spain. Fifty years ago, the town was very different.

It was much smaller and most of the buildings were under construction. There didn’t use to be any modern buildings. Now there are some blocks of flats and buildings are very old.

Shops were small and in the centre of the town. Now people go shopping in big shopping centres.

Transport is very different too. There didn’t use to be a bus station, not many people had cars. They used to travel by bus or train. Now there are more roads, and there’s a big motorway outside the town.

My grandparents didn’t live in the town fifty years ago, so I suppose that there wasn’t much to do then. There were two or three cinemas and some cafés. The cinemas aren’t still there, now there are two clothing stores.

Fifty years ago people wore affordable, comfortable and simple clothes. Women wore tight dresses and miniskirts were the fashion. But this has changed now, fashion is becoming more expensive and changing, in general people dress as they wish.

In conclusion, life was quieter then, but in my opinion it’s better now. Ourense rules!!

My town, then and now
by Xiana 4th ESO A

I live in a beautiful town in the south of Galicia. It could be small and boring sometimes but it already has a lot of things to see and many stories to tell.
Obviously the town of Ourense was smaller fifty years ago and things were very different.

Fifty years ago there used to be a lot of historic and beautiful buildings that are very old now. However they are in a good state of preservation taking for example the Main Square.
The old town has been restored in recent years making it a nice place to visit. San Lázaro Park, for example, didn’t use to have the amount of trees that it has nowadays.

People didn’t use to go by public transport although they used them a few times. They used to go by their own cars or just walking or simply by bike. Talking about this, another important change was the recently created bike lines.
In that time there used to be two train stations with a dynamic activity, the same that are here now. The bus station is quite new as it only is 20 years old.

With respect to communication, Internet wasn’t in operation yet so people looked at encyclopedias for things they wanted to know. Telephone was invented in 1876 so it was several years old at that time.

Women used to do all the housework 50 years ago because men worked outside home so they had to look for the children, etc.

People used to wear different clothes, women wore long skirts, hats with flowers and smart clothes; and men wore ancient costumes.

In conclusion, life fifty years ago was quieter and more peaceful but from my point of view it’s better now.


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